Discover Your Family Through Fun Family Activities

Put yourself in your ancestor's place. Where did they live? What was their life like? What did they eat? Are there any stories about them? When we learn more about them, we connect with them. Click on the different cards below to explore different aspects of their life.

Explore Where Your Ancestors Lived!

Open Google Earth on Your Computer

I "drove" around Dunseverick, Northern Ireland by using Google Maps and got a better understanding about the the general landscape, housing, farm lands, and even a view of the Giant's Causeway. I saw Dunseverick Castle, which existed in the time of my 3rd Great Grandfather when he lived there. Dunseverick castle is pretty much a pile of rocks now, but I can imagine it to be a place that he and his family visited in the early 1800s.

Go visit places that your ancestors lived in. Get a sense of what the terrain, city, and other landmarks may have been like when they lived there. Can you find the street they lived on, and perhaps the same house they lived in? Explore the neighborhood where they lived.

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Where will you "drive" to today?

Explore the Importance of Family Traditions

What Are Your Family Traditions?

This is a true story of a young boy named Jared McCloud who wants to learn how to play the bagpipes. His persistence and the annoyance for the family and the neighborhood, gradually gives way to the family learning more about their Scottish heritage. It is so important not to forget that heritage that we come from, and you don't even have to learn to play bagpipes to do so.

There are other cute videos about family history that can be found HERE.

Explore the Family Tree App

Learn More About Your Family!

Family Tree Mobile App

The mobile app allows you to review your pedigree, family relationships, photos & stories, review and attach sources to your family members, and review the temple status.

App Features

From your phone or tablet device:

  • Add a story to an ancestor
  • Add a document to an ancestor
  • Record an audio recording of a parent or grandparent
  • Review an animated map showing where your family's ancestors came from
  • Use the "Relatives Around Me" to see a list of living relatives that also have their mobile Family Tree app active and on the same WiFi network. That's pretty cool when you think of it. It's amazing how many "cousins" we have around us and likely never realize it.

Discover the stories, photos, recordings, and histories of your ancestors by just exploring the app features.

Give the app a try! To go to the download webpage:

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Try Out Some Favorite Meals Grandma Would Cook!

Keep Food Traditions Going!

Each of our families have traditions regarding foods, such as grandma's scrumptious roast, favorite desserts, breads, etc. These recipes are passed down through generations. Foods bring memories of smells, tastes, favorite times such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

Some 30 years ago, my wife took some cooking classes while we lived in Washington State and learned how to cook really good Chinese food. Every year since then when the family all comes together, the kitchen becomes a crowded place with some rolling spring rolls, others making fried rice, orange chicken, and other dishes. This has become a tradition for our family.

My grandmother cooked the BEST pot roast, potatoes, and pies. Another scrumptious meal was her filet mignon cooked in this little counter top broiler. I don't think anyone has been able to duplicate her meals, but I will always remember my grandmother for the types of foods that she cooked.

Exploring and cooking favorite foods from an ancestor's homeland is another way to discover and perpetuate traditions down to our posterity.

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As a family, come up with some "traditional meals" that your ancestors would cook!

Explore FamilySearch Discoveries!

Discover More About Your Family

FamilySearch has created "modules" that allow you to explore your ancestors in different ways. For example, would you like to know more about your Pioneer Ancestors, or know about their occupations? Another feature is called "Compare a Face" which uses the photos that have been uploaded to Family Tree to see who you most look like. Did any of your ancestors have similar interests to you?

To access this webpage, click HERE. You will then need to log into FamilySearch to see all the available features.

Try Some Fun Family History Games

Fun Websites to Try

BYU Family History Technology Labs has created a variety of online games that will test your knowledge about your ancestors. Try them out as a family! Click HERE or on the image to the right to go to their website. You will need to sign in with your FamilySearch account.

Games on this site include the following:

Matching Game
Ancestor Coloring
Word Search
Word Scramble

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The Family History Guide is also a great place to explore for family centered activities that teach about family heritage and traditions. Click HERE or on the image to the right for access to their website page.

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Read Stories About Your Ancestors

Use the "Fan Chart" View on FamilySearch
Read Stories in FamilySearch

FamilySearch has a new "fan chart" view where you can select to show all the stories available for your ancestors. The darker the color "orange" means more stories available to view. White means no stories.

If your parents or grandparents have no stories,, then it's time to write quick stories or memories about them, and then SHARE them with your family.

Go to, sign in, and click on the Tree icon to pull up your family tree.

Read Old Letters to Your Family

Reading old letters gives us a great idea what their thoughts were about, what life events were of interest to them, feelings for their family and friends, or their feelings that were expressed through letters. There is also the experience at looking at family letters that are old and date into the early 1800s.

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Have a Fun Movie Night With Old Family Movies

Remember those old family movies?

How about having a "movie night" with your family? I remember the days when my family pulled out the old movie projector or slide projector and screen, and showed movies or slides of my parents and us as kids growing up. Why not relive the camping trips, watching the new house be built, the birthday parties, etc with your own movie collection? Oops…did you record your movies on VHS tapes? Is your recorder still working? Purchasing a new one will cost a premium price since they are no longer manufactured.

Okay…bring your VHS tapes to our library and we will help you convert them into a digital format that can be easily copied and shared with others. We will show you how this is done. Even transferring your VHS tapes commercially to a DVD playable format is no longer a good option. DVD's are a media type that will likely not be available in a few years. If you do have DVDs, we can help you rip the video file off the DVD and save as a digital file.

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