How Did Your Ancestors Feel About Life?

Old letters filled with emotion connect us to them.

Read Old Letters Filled With Emotion

Stories help us relate to the emotions that our ancestors felt and can create a strong emotional connection with them. As we read or hear those stories, we can begin to empathize with others that may be going through similar circumstances in their lives.

One letter I have in my possession is the letter written by my great grandfather (on the right) to his wife and oldest daughter, Carol, who were back east visiting. It mentions a heart breaking incident in which his only two boys drowned in the Alameda estuary.

Write down your own thoughts and emotions about YOUR life events!

We also have our own heritage, our life challenges and successes that we need to share with our posterity. We should be active in preserving our thoughts, stories, and testimonies for our posterity to remember us by.

Take some time to write some brief memories about your life experiences, and then SHARE them with your posterity. Along with the story, share your testimony, feelings, or life insights with them as well.

Review Some Samples Below