Create Some Ancestral Stories

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Creating Stories About Our Ancestors

I REALLY wish that I had a lot more information about my great-grandparents. Actually, I wish that I also had listened more about the stories that my parents and grandparents had told me over the years growing up. Many of those stories have now been lost to my memory, and also to my posterity.

Luckily my father had spent some time writing down some stories that he remembered about his grandparents and parents. He was an only child, and so there is no one else to pass on that heritage of stories about my dad's family.

"Memories" are NOT long histories, nor even long stories. They could be only one paragraph long. Can you imagine if every child and grandchild of a grandfather began writing a short memory about their grandfather, there would be lots of "remembrances" of who he was, what his life may have been like, etc.

It does NOT take a long time to write a memory, 5-10" tops. Take some time to write about a family member. FamilySearch makes it so easy to create these stories and even attach photos to them. Don't just let those stories sit in FamilySearch for others to find them. SHARE them with your family members. Yep! It's very much like Facebook or other social platforms, except far more interesting, right?