Read Ancestral Stories
Learn About Your Ancestors

Stories in FamilySearch

     FamilySearch has a new "fan chart" view where you can select to show all the stories available for your ancestors. The darker the color "orange" means more stories available to view. White means no stories.

     If your parents or grandparents have no stories, then it's time to write quick stories or memories about them, and then SHARE them with your family.

     Go to sign in, and click on the Tree icon to pull up your family tree. Select the "Fan Chart" view as seen in the left image below. You will see multiple filter options like "Birth Country", "Stories", "Photos". etc. Select the Stories filter.

     You will see a small legend like the one on the right below that will give you an idea about which ancestors have how many stories. You can then just click and open up those ancestors you are interested in to read their stories.

Read Old Letters to Your Family

     Reading old letters gives us a great idea what their thoughts were about, what life events were of interest to them, feelings for their family and friends, or their feelings that were expressed through letters. There is also the experience at looking at family letters that are old and date into the early 1800s.