Preserve & Share Your Personal Stories

     A "Memory" is NOT a long history or story! Think of a memory as a "soundbyte" (storybyte?) for family to quickly read about an event that happened in your life. You can create memories of your life in just a few minutes. Put photos with them if you have them. They say that a picture is worth a "thousand words". How much better though is a great photo that has a fun short story attached to it?

     I try to create a "photo/story" once a week about something that happened in my life, and then SHARE that memory or story with my children & grandchildren right from Family Tree. These "memories" will be what my posterity remember me by.

     One story I wrote was about being a shipboard medical officer aboard a ship, rescuing a boatload of Vietnamese refugees out in the South China Sea. After I had shared this with my posterity, two of my sons messaged me that they had never heard that story before. I had forgotten that this event happened in my life, many years before they were born.

Stories are a great way for your posterity to get to know you. Be sure to SHARE them with your posterity.

It's Easy to Share a Story From FamilySearch!

      From the story page you would like to share with family, click on the "Share" link as seen in the image below. A dropdown list of share options appears. If you use Facebook, Twitters, or Pinterest to share items, choose one of these. More typically, you will either be Emailing OR Texting your family members.

     Clicking on the Email link will open up your email client, like Outlook, Apple Mail, or whatever app you use. If you work from inside a browser like with gmail, Yahoo, etc, this link will not work for you.

     The "Copy Link" option is often actually the easiest to use. By copying the link, you can paste it into EITHER a new email OR into a new text message, and send it off to your family.

     What happens on THEIR end? When they click on the link, the FamilySearch webpage you shared will open up. They will not even have to log into FamilySearch. Isn't that great? Your grandchildren will not even need an account to see what you have shared with them.

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