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Family Tree Mobile App

     The mobile app allows you to review your pedigree, family relationships, photos & stories, review and attach sources to your family members, and so much more.

App Features

From your phone or tablet device:

  • Add a story to an ancestor
  • Add a document to an ancestor
  • Record an audio recording of a parent or grandparent
  • Review an animated map showing where your family's ancestors came from
  • Use the "Relatives Around Me" to see a list of living relatives that also have their mobile Family Tree app active and on the same WiFi network. That's pretty cool when you think of it. It's amazing how many "cousins" we have around us and likely never realize it.
  • For youth, have all your friends download the app, log into FamilySearch, click on the "More" menu button and then the Relatives Around Me. Some of your friends may need to create a login, and then a tree. It's a great opportunity to help them do so, and then you can see if you are related to them.

     Stories, photos, recordings, and histories of your ancestors are just waiting to be discovered!