Discover Food Traditions of Your Grandparents
What Are Your Food Traditions?

As a family, come up with some "traditional meals" that your ancestors would cook!

     Each of our families have traditions regarding foods, such as grandma's scrumptious roast, favorite desserts, breads, etc. These recipes are passed down through generations. Foods bring memories of smells, tastes, favorite times such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

     Some 30 years ago, my wife took some cooking classes while we lived in Washington State and learned how to cook really good Chinese food. Every year since then when the family all comes together, the kitchen becomes a crowded place with some making spring rolls, and others cooking the fried rice, orange chicken, and other dishes. This has become a tradition for our family.

     My grandmother cooked the BEST pot roast, potatoes, and pies. Another scrumptious meal was her filet mignon cooked in this little counter top broiler. I don't think anyone has been able to duplicate her meals, but I will always remember my grandmother for the types of foods that she cooked.

     Exploring and cooking favorite foods from an ancestor's homeland is another way to discover and perpetuate traditions down to our posterity.