"Google" Places Where Your Ancestors Lived In

Google is a great place to learn facts about your ancestors

     Using any internet browser you can search for information about your ancestors, such as the places they lived.

     Take some time to just see what you may find out there about your family. It is actually quite amazing what you can find on Google anymore.


     The old photo above was called Gwynn's Bridge, built to span the American Fork River in Placer County, California, from nearby Rattlesnake Bar a small mining town in the middle 1800s. My 2nd Great Grandfather lived there with his family doing some part time mining and running a small grocery store. His little town now is located under water behind Folsom Dam in the Sacramento, California area. Just viewing the photo, I can better imagine what the area must have been like during the times that he and his family lived there. I'm sure that they used that bridge many times going back & forth into the big city of Auburn.

     Search for things that may have been everyday sights for your ancestors. The photo below is a replica of the Dunbrody "famine or coffin ships" that carried many Irish emigrants to the USA or to Canada.

      My ancestors came from Northern Ireland on ships just like these. While on a tour of Ireland a few years ago, I was able to actually see the small size and characteristics of what these famine ships looked like. I developed a greater feeling for my ancestors as I pictured in my mind what it would have been like to sail the ocean on a small ship such as this.

Try "Googling" for facts about your ancestors!

     Where did they live? Is their home still there? What was the city like? Can you find old photos of their city? There are so many things that you can find on Google!