Interview Grandparents!
Or Other Family Members

Need to Edit Your Audio File?

     Our grandparents and parents will have so many life stories to pass on to us that help us to understand them better and to "connect" with them. Their memories are lost if they are not written down or recorded. We need to preserve their heritage by gathering those stories and uploading them to FamilySearch.

     Using the FamilySearch "Memories" app on our smartphones, we can easily write a short story (or memory), record an audio recording of them telling a brief story, add a photo, etc. Of course you can also use the FamilySearch Gallery webpage to add these things as well.

     Remember the "memories" are not long histories. They are a brief story of an event that happened in their life, or a 3-5" audio recording of a life story. What is really fun once these memories are in FamilySearch, is to SHARE the memory with family members through Facebook, emails, or messages using the webpage link. The individuals receiving the link can view the story without even logging into FamilySearch.

     Audio recordings of our ancestors as they tell stories of their lives can be inspiring. These recordings become a part of them, and add to their legacy.

     Can you imagine listening to a Danish great grandmother singing a primary song with her Danish accent?

     We can help you digitize your cassette tape audio recordings so they can easily be played back on your computer. What a wonderful way of saving a digital file of your ancestor's stories in a shareable digital format! You can even load digital recordings up to 15 megabytes in size to Family Tree to share with others. With some simple editing you can break down a long interview into smaller "soundbytes" of individual stories.