Pull Out Your Old Family Movies!
Have a Fun Family Movie Night

     How about having a "movie night" with your family? I remember the days when my family pulled out the old movie projector or slide projector and screen, and showed movies or slides of my parents and us as kids growing up. Why not relive the camping trips, watching the new house be built, the birthday parties, etc with your own movie collection? If you don't have any of the old 8mm or Super 8mm films or family slides, then do you have your family video history on VHS tapes? Oops…Is your recorder still working? Purchasing a new one will cost a premium price since they are no longer manufactured. Have your films or slides begun to deteriorate?

     It's time right now to think about digitizing those old movie films, slides, and VHS tapes! Bring your VHS tapes to your local FamilySearch Library, (even some of the smaller Family History Centers may have some of this equipment), and we will help you convert those VHS tapes to a digital format that can be easily copied and shared with others. The process is not complicated at all.

     You will probably want to avoid transferring your VHS tapes to a DVD playable format as even DVDs are becoming a "technology dinosaur" and may not be around in 10 years. The technology is going to the server based streaming option with digitized video files. If you have already had DVDs made, we can help you "rip" the video file off the DVD and save as a digital file as well. And yes…your DVD is still intact after "ripping it".