Listen to Old Audio Recordings
Let Family Actually Hear Their Ancestors Sing or Talk

     It is a wonderful blessing to be able to hear grandma sing a song in her native language, or to hear an ancestor tell of life experiences.

     How many of our families have old tape recordings or cassettes, or stories told on VHS tapes by ancestors? Once the audio has been digitized, these stories can be uploaded to Family Tree. The equipment needed is minimal for audio tapes - a simple standard mini-pin cord with male ends on both sides. If you have a story that you want to extract from the digitized video recording, you would use video editing software to do so. If you are interested, you can Contact Me.

Create Your Own Recordings

     If you do not have any recordings, then start to create recordings of your life by using your smartphone. Let your grandkids hear you tell a fun story that teaches them important principles. I would love to have heard the voices and stories of my ancestors. Let your children or grandchildren have the opportunity to hear you voice.

     Stories could be about your mission, how you and your spouse met, difficult times in your life, funny events, etc. Stories can be up to about 15 minutes. Since we live in a "soundbyte" world, it is best to keep stories short. The Memories App for the smartphone even presents you with a list of questions that you could tell a story about.