Organize Your Family Photos

     Time to get those old photo albums out! Many of those photos may have mold growing on them, or the colors may be changing, or there is no name associated with the photo. Don't let those people become "nameless faces".

     Begin by identifying the people you know in the photos. Those that you don't know? Time to begin asking other family members for help!

      Photos can also give clues about when the photo was taken, by the clothing styles worn, and such. Did you know that little boys were often dressed in dresses around the 1900s? How can you tell a boy or girl apart? Boys had their hair parted on the side and the girls down the middle. Fun Fact.

Here are two webpage to review if you like to help you:

     Don't forget your own immediate family photos. Where are they located? Do you have them all digitized and safety backed up? Are they labeled? Can you find them easily?

     The big concern that many folks have talked about in the media is that the current generation of youth and young adults are storing their photos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. They are not stored in full quality, and will be vulnerable to being lost when accounts close, etc. When this happens, their heritage will have been lost.

     Review with your family how they might better protect and ensure that their photos, scrapbooks, etc are safely stored for generations.

Have Fun Organizing!